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Obviously, not at all like the Sims, there's no story distinction notwithstanding whatever your vocation way is. As a fashionista, you are still anticipated that would stroll on the red rug. As a motion picture star, you will work intimately with the closet and extraordinary FX group. Hollywood Story Hack has components of experience amusements (where you pick a choice a few even timed), city building diversion (however exceptionally basic), and Role-Playing Game where you take journeys from different understudies and assemble your notoriety in Hollywood. There are two monetary standards - money and precious stones. I got this diversion for a short time back and appreciated it then despite everything I do now. The characters are amusing to name and dress and the quarters are incredible to organize and improve. I will say however, that to start with, there were a lot of missions and towards the end when you achieve level 40-there are essentially no journeys or they cost several jewels. I truly cherish this diversion yet I'd like it if more journeys were included. It says that new demands are included 'each week' however they aren't by any stretch of the imagination. Additionally, the precious stones are such a key part of the diversion right now and you can't do much without them. I get that that is the way the amusement profits yet it genuinely gets silly. Much the same as in other allowed to-play recreations, you get money after some time from structures what's more, things (and as prizes for finishing missions), while precious stones are planned to be obtained with genuine cash. Dissimilar to High School Story, Hollywood Story is more regal in giving precious stones as prize of finishing journey. You level up characters by going to workshop. Get an understudy into the workshop and they will remain there, first for a moment and afterward for quite a long time while writings above them portray what they are doing. This is one of the best diversion I've ever played yet you need to utilize jewels a considerable measure and these are truly difficult to get and are entirely costly. Additionally the plots of terrains are truly costly. On the off chance that you can improve these changes I will give it 5. You'll open new garments at level 5, 25, and 50. Numerous missions request characters to be at sure levels to play. Presently both Hollywood Story and High School Story offer a building, costs $3 of your genuine cash, that can create 30 precious stones a day for 30 days. At long last, you can get two precious stones for each other hour either by making a buy or watching advertisements. The college in Hollywood Story is extremely straightforward, exceptionally not at all like a genuine school. Truth be told, it's your private bequest. The most critical building is the DORM. There are dormitories for film stars, executives, fashionista, and later on for pop stars, stunt team, and screenwriters. Different gatherings imparting qualities to them can stay in any home base that shares their characteristics. The catch is, there is impediment for measure of structures and designs you can have. The good thing is Hollywood Story essential quarters can hold a larger number of understudies than High School Story's joints, so nobody will come up short on residences as of right now. Other than quarters, there are WORKSHOP, ADMISSIONS OFFICE, AMOUR, and CLUB VIP. You level up understudies in workshop (second workshop is premium), date unique sentiment interest(s) in Amour (you can just date uncommon characters at this moment), and enlist new understudy from Club VIP. The enrolled understudy sits in the Admission Office. In the event that the understudy is undesirable, you can offer ("defriend") her or him for money. No hard feeling. He or she won't give you a terrible audit on Metacritic, trust me and use our Hollywood Story Hack. READ MORE HERE: http://effectivehacks.com/ios-android/hollywood-story-hack-cheats-free-money-diamonds/